NessaV: The Capoeira RnB Artist

NessaV is the the daughter of a Capoeira Master. Capoeira is a Brzilian Martial Arts features quick and complex combination of kicks and spinning with speed and power. In the modern day Capoeira is applied to the sport of Football and incorporated into the entertainment world through music and dance.

NessaV, although Canadian born, is still Brazilian by heart and learned Capoeira at an early age of 5. She also learned various dances like Samba and the upbeat hip-hop style. She combines these dance techniques with the art of Copoeira. As she wanted to be a performer since her early years, she had learned dancing, singing and the Capoeira art.

She performed with AchéBrasil doing Capoeira exhibitions and Brazilian percussion. She became the lead singer of the group which further honed her performing voice. This part of her life also encourage her to pursue the performing arts further.

The Vancouver-born artist is sexy, gorgeous and very talented. Her songs are influenced by her Afro-Brazilian heritage which results in interesting songs. It provides an exotic flavor to her songs which is unconventional but very welcome to hear.

Expect all her knowledge and expertise in the performing arts to be on full display in her concerts. She will surely make the audience’s jaws drop with her sheer energy on stage as she performs.


Aché, as its etymology suggests, is truly everything positive in the universe. This is the solo debut album of the multi-talented singer NessaV. Nine songs are included in the track list which are all co-written and co-produced by this up and coming Rhythm and Blues and Pop crossover music artist.

The songs included in the album are:
1. Show Me Watch Got
2. Representin
3. Salty
4. Girl Like Me
5. Diamonds
6. Stories
7. Capoeira
8. Earth
9. Music Love Affair
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